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Announcement: Melbourne Battle Association

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G'day everyone!


Just thought I would share some news  here, because why not. As many Pokemon trainers do, I like to occasionally dabble in formats that are not VGC Doubles. I recently applied for and was granted a spot as an expansion coach in the second season of the Melbourne Battle Association, a group that runs a version of the Global Battle Association (which those who watch 2015 US Nationals and World Championships Commentator, ShadyPenguinn, may be familiar with) that is local to my hometown, Melbourne (Australian Melbourne, not Florida...).

I have decided to call my team the Glen Waverley Gyarados, because I can sort of spell G and W with pictures of Gyarados:



The only issue with that logo is the lack of Hyper Beams.

Anyway, to finish this short announcement, I will be aiming to post both my preparation notes and battle thoughts after each battle throughout the season, similar to the videos put up by Poketubers, but in word form. If you're interested, tune in to keep up with the news, if not, boo. Hopefully I'm not a complete spud when it comes to singles, as I have played basically none since early 2014, when I rocked a menacing bug monotype team for a short while.